Minu in Red Light Resource Center in Kolkata, India

A Beautiful Soul – Minu Last week we lost one of our own. Our Community Organizer Minu Chetri passed away from tuberculosis.  TB is very common in red light area, where Minu lived for much of her life. Minu was a beautiful soul who brought light, hope and a much-needed sense of humor to everything. I first met … Read more

Spring 2020 at Her Future

COVID-19 Update India is in the midst of a strict, nationwide 40 Day lockdown.  This means you cannot leave your home without police permission, even to buy food.  Our families in the red light areas and slums live on daily wages: they did not have any food supplies before the lockdown, and they were going … Read more

Spring 2019 at Her Future

New Training Center in Nepal We are excited to announce a new joint project at a shelter outside Kathmandu.  Together with our friends at partners at ChoraChori, we are about to open a new goldsmithing training center for survivors.  This training will enable survivors to break the cycle of exploitation and abuse and become economically independent … Read more

The Role of Tech in Human Trafficking

The Role of Tech in Human Trafficking by Her Future Research Fellow Richa Gupta That technology has made our lives infinitely easier and miles more convenient is an indisputable fact; but with the good must come the bad—with the benefits must come the darkness. Technology is increasingly being employed and abused for the purposes of … Read more

Child Marriage in India

Child Marriage in India – Another Form of Human Trafficking. by Her Future Research Fellow Richa Gupta, Stanford University According to Girls Not Brides, India has the highest number of child brides in the world. The legal age for marriage is 18 for women and 21 for men—so child marriage occurs when people below these … Read more

Pain Won’t Be Her Only Story

Pain Won’t Be Her Only Story By Sarah Annay, Her Future Communications Director and creator of Vision for Empowerment workshops. We first started offering Vision for Empowerment workshops in 2015.  What started as an employment exploration project has turned into something even more empowering—a workshop that gives young women and girls a voice in Kolkata, through … Read more

The Physical and Psychological Consequences of Human Trafficking

Blurred image of girls to represent human trafficking

The Physical and Psychological Consequences of Human Trafficking by Her Future Research Fellow Richa Gupta India is a beautiful country, boasting incredible diversity, natural landscapes, monuments, and colors. But with all this beauty and goodness comes the inevitable bad—and one such issue is the scourge of human trafficking. The United Nations has defined human trafficking … Read more