It’s impossible to get an education if your basic needs are not met, or if you’re living in an unsafe environment.  Her Future works with local operating partners to build, expand and maintain shelters for rescued girls, and to support the ongoing needs of girls in shelter care. In our shelters women and girls receive health checks, nutritional meals, counseling, education, and vocational training – while being supported by kind, loving community.

Rescue Foundation Shelter Mumbai & Delhi, India

Rescue Foundation conducts more rescues than any other organization in India – over 500 a year.  We are proud to support them in providing full circle shelter care to hundreds of survivors each year.

In partnership with Rescue Foundation.

Full Scale Shelter Support
Jalpaiguri Shelter, India

We built this shelter for 150 girls in a rural town of Bengal India in 2015, and expanded it in 2017 to make a library, education rooms and vocational training programs.

In partnership with Women’s Interlink Foundation.

Red Light Resource Center
Sonagachi and Bowbazar

These spaces provide a safe space for children to study and rest while their mothers are working. Children who are born into brothel communities are at extreme risk of being trafficked. 90% of girls and 75% of boys growing up in red light areas are sexually abused by the age of eight.

In partnership with South Kolkata Hamari Muskan.