Sponsor her education

For only $30 a month, or $360 annually, you can sponsor a girl’s education – and change her life. School Sponsorships pay for fees, transportation, uniforms, books, lunch, shelter room and board, school supplies, tutoring and other supplemental services.

Educational Sponsorship

About sponsorship

Bi-annual updates about their sponsored child, photos and reports from staff visits to sponsorship program, letters or cards from your sponsored child, progress reports and/or report cards.  Best of all, you will share the joy of watching a child grow up in safety and freedom.Some of the children in our education programs were once enslaved in brothels for sexual exploitation. Others labored in quarries or brick kilns, or as domestic servants. Some are the children of trafficked persons, including kids born into brothels and growing up in red light areas.  Some are survivors of rape, child marriage or dangerous forms of child labor.  Some were abandoned and living alone on railway platforms.  Now they can all look forward to a free, independent future.

Girl student in blue uniform with 1 finger up representing education is empowerment
Indian girl making jewelry as part of Her Future Coalition's vocational & job training programs
Indian boy in healing arts workshop in India

AND WHY? Most girls come to us with little or no formal education. With long-term, individual literacy and academic programs, survivors and vulnerable risk girls are able to catch up, earning degrees that transform their lives and enable them to remain free and independent, forever. We support the education of over  750 children in India and Nepal sponsoring them as far as they’re able to go. 

Child survivors of slavery, rape and child marriage, and kids born into brothel or slum communities are at extreme risk for repeating the cycle of poverty and exploitation when they grow up, unless they are given education to build a different kind of life.   We are committed to supporting our sponsored children to continue their education through high school and even college.  Out of the 200+ girls who have gone through our education program and completed grade 10, not a single one has been trafficked into slavery or re-trafficked, even though their backgrounds make them extremely high risk.