Sponsor her education

For only $25 a month, or $300 annually, you can sponsor a child’s education – and change her life. School Sponsorships pay for fees, transportation, uniforms, school supplies, lunch, room and board, tutoring and other supplemental services such as arts and sports.

Educational Sponsorship

About sponsorship

HFC staff members regularly visit our sponsored children to do art projects and English classes with them.  We will share reports, updates, art, and photos of the kids approximately three times a year. The composition of the group will likely change over time, with some girls graduating or being restored to families, and new girls being rescued or starting school and joining a group.

You can choose one of the five education programs that resonates most for you. We will share updates on the program, and the progress of the whole group of 12-15 kids at the sponsorship site you select.

Most importantly, as always, you will share in the joy of watching girls grow up safe and educated, thanks to your support. 

Girl student in blue uniform with 1 finger up representing education is empowerment



West Bengal, India

Her Future works with local partners to build, expand and maintain shelters for girls rescued from trafficking, child labor or from other dangerous situations. Many girls are rescued as children and need a safe, loving home until they reach adulthood. This school sponsorship program serves school aged girls at two shelters in West Bengal, India – one in Kolkata and one in rural Jalpaiguri. The girls attend local schools and are given education support services to help them catch up with their peers. Education is an important part of their healing, and for many, it is the gateway for rejoining mainstream society.


Nuwakot, Nepal

A school and anti-trafficking project in a remote, indigenous community of Nepal with an extremely high rate of trafficking and child marriage, This project is the fulfilment of a long time dream for its leader, survivor-activist Anjali Tamang, who was once herself a student in HFC’s sponsorship program. The school opened in Oct. 2021, and is now educating over 75 kids, with more coming each month. Over the past two decades, trafficking of Tamang girls has become normalized and very common, to the point where virtually every family has daughters or wives in the brothels of India.


Kolkata, India

This new project, in collaboration with our long time local partners at Ek Tara, offers girls from Kolkata’s largest slum the means to break out of a vicious cycle of extreme poverty and high risk of exploitation. Without intervention, girls in India’s urban slums face a grim future. Less than 30% graduate from primary school, and less than 5% finish high school.  98% of women face severe domestic violence.  Child marriage, child labor and trafficking are also serious issues in the community. About 50 %  of adolescent girls are forced into early marriage. and thus unable to finish school. We envision so much more for them.


Birbhum District, West Bengal, India

The children in this area are members of the Santal indigenous communities and are among the poorest and most vulnerable in India. The children in this education program run by an organization called SUCHANA, have had no education prior to now, and were thus at highest risk for trafficking, child marriage or child labor. Through this sponsorship program, we are providing education services to children aged 6-16 in Hedodonga village. The program includes multi-lingual mobile education, classes in Math and literacy in English, Bengali and Santali, sports, art workshops, computer courses for teens and remedial classes to help children catch up to grade level. The goal is to enroll kids in local government schools when they are ready, and support them once they are enrolled with after school programs and tutoring.


Kolkata, India

HFC operates education programs for children growing up in two red light areas of Kolkata, India. These are the children of trafficked women. They share one room in a brothel with their mothers and are at extreme risk for abuse or trafficking. Our red light Resource Centers reduce the risk by providing a safe space for kids to study, rest and play while their mothers are seeing clients. At the Resource Centers, the kids also receive many services (such as counseling and tutoring) to help them be successful in school.