2024 Program Map & Success Story

We are so grateful that our goal of raising $180,000 for 2024 programs through our holiday campaign was a success. Thanks to all of you for pulling us over the finish line! We understand that with many crises going on in the world, there are many worthy causes vying for your help and attention. Thank you for choosing to help our girls to keep moving forward, leaving behind the poverty and abuse of the past.

Because you responded to our request for help, we are able to honor our commitments to 1800+ girls this year. You can see what and where these programs are in this Program Map:

HFC has three major program areas: Shelter, Education and Economic Independence (which includes job training, life skills training, financial literacy, and job placement). The largest number of programs are in the area of Education, because we believe that educating girls is the best way to ensure that they won’t be trafficked or pushed into child marriage. A new education program this year is helping our long-time partners at Apple of God’s Eye in Kathmandu, Nepal, to build a school for the survivors and high risk kids in their homes, and for vulnerable children in the community. 

In the area of Shelter, a major initiative this year and next is to buy and refurbish a building in the red light area, to bring two of our red light area Resource Centers under one roof. This will allow us to expand services to 325 women and children, and to secure this program for the future of this community.

Stay tuned for another exciting development which we will soon announce, regarding shelter projects in a whole new geography….

In the area of Economic Independence, computer training continues to be a major focus. The demand for this training keeps growing, as it provides a pathway to well-paying and respected jobs, and because young people just love technology! 

Rekha's Story

Rekha comes from a family where men are the providers and decision makers. When her father died suddenly just after she graduated high school,  it felt like a nightmare as he was her biggest champion. He had been the only breadwinner of the family and his demise made the family financially unstable. Rekha, her mother and brother were taken under the wings of her uncle. They had to depend on him for every need and defer to his decisions as their mother was not financially independent. This change came with many restrictions for Rekha. The uncle began talking about getting her ‘married off’ but she wanted to pursue her career in Accountancy. After constant persuasion, Rekha was allowed to complete college, but she knew that it would not be enough for her to get a job that would enable her to support herself and her mother. 

Rekha decided to join our  Computer training program with Uddami India Foundation. After completing the course, she got selected for a job with a tech company headquartered in New Zealand. Now Rekha is doing an early morning shift and preparing herself for her Chartered Accountant exams. We salute her fighting spirit which inspires every girl in her community!