Resource Centers


A safe space for children growing up in red light areas.

Help us raise $50,000 to provide shelter, education and opportunity to 350 children and 150 women

HFC, working closely with local grassroots partners, operates five Resource Centers for children growing up in the red light areas of Kolkata.


The Resource Centers offer safe space, and holistic services, to kids children growing up in red light areas. We also provide counseling and vocational programs for mom, many of whom were trafficked into the area as young teens, and are still working in prostitution because they have no other means to take care of their children.


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Through this campaign, our goal is to grow and support our five Red Light Area Resource Centers. Each of the Centers has its own unique vibe and services – depending on the needs of the women and kids using it. All Centers offer safe space, education support, counseling, and therapeutic arts for children, and job training, counseling, supportive community and remedial education for women.

The Resource Centers serve 450 women and children in three Calcutta red light areas, Sonagachi, Bowbazar and Kidderpore.

Through this campaign with a goal of $50,000, we aim to do the following:


Increase the number of children we serve

Add education programs, especially English language and Computers

Enhance programs with additional materials and staff

Increase the number of women in Economic Independence programs

Purchase and refurbish a building, so we can add kids and offer more services


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Children’s lives improve when they have a safe place to study, play, or simply find safe shelter  while their mothers are seeing clients. These spaces will make it possible for them to stay in school and make it far less likely for them to be abused.

School sponsorships, remedial education, preschool, tutoring and enrichments enable red light area kids to stay in school, or to start or return to school, and to be successful in their education. 

Red light families share one room in a brothel, so it is very dangerous for children to remain at home while their mothers are seeing clients.  Many children have been abused because a client tired of the mother and simply reached for her young child instead.  The streets in the red light area are also not safe for children, because from late afternoon into the night hours, they are thronged with raucous, drunken men seeking sexual services.  

Women’s lives improve when they gain the skills and the necessary support to earn a livelihood outside of the sex trade/exploitation. Through this campaign, we will offer  job training, financial literacy and life skills training to women  (Bakery/Cafe Management, Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing, Sewing, Beautician, Computers/Spoken English).  Women choose the training that best meets their needs and interests, and gain the skills, confidence, and economic advantage to overcome extreme poverty and social stigma, and to support their children.

With counseling, awareness of their human rights and supportive community, women and children can heal and begin to envision a brighter future for themselves and their families.