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A Collaboration to Educate Girls & Change the World


Since 2005 Her Future has been creating powerful and positive change in the lives of survivors of gender violence and girls at the highest risk, providing education – including vocational training – safe shelter and supportive community.

Through these steps, we are able to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation for the most vulnerable girls and ensure a future of independence and wellbeing. 

Education prevents exploitation.

Most survivors come to us with little or no formal education. With customized literacy and academic programs, survivors and at-risk girls are able to catch up, earning degrees that transform their future. 

We currently support the education of over 750 children. This education empowers girls to choose their own career path. Many opt for social services, medical fields, law enforcement and other engaged work that allows them to give back.

End the cycle of slavery.

Child survivors of slavery and kids born into brothel communities are destined to grow up and repeat the cycle unless given an education to build a different kind of life.

We are committed to supporting our sponsored children to continue their education through high school and even college. Out of the 200+ girls who have gone through our education program and completed grade 10, not a single one has been trafficked into slavery or re-trafficked, even though their backgrounds make them extremely high risk.  

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Have become free with our help
Survivors currently in our programs
Partners on the ground in India & Nepal
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Provide basic needs.

It’s impossible to get an education if you are not safe. Her Future partners with local agencies to build, expand & maintain shelters for rescued girls, in centers in Red Light areas that enable families to stay together.

We support the ongoing needs of girls in these programs with: food, clothing, medical care and counseling.  Shelter is the crucial first step in the girls’ journey to recovery and freedom. Her Future has built an entire shelter in West Bengal and expanded four others. We also provide safe shelter from morning to late at night to 275 children in red light areas so they can remain safe and with their mothers.

Know the facts

In the red light areas of India, children live in one room in a brothel with their mothers, making them extremely vulnerable to abuse by their mother’s clients. 90% of girls and 70% of boys in Kolkata red light communities are sexually abused by the age of eight.

Solutions from within

Through our three Red Light Resource Centers, we provide shelter from morning to midnight to 275 children, allowing them to go to school rather than being trafficked alongside their mothers.
Indian children playing handmade game in shelter home
Indian girl making jewelry as part of Her Future Coalition's vocational & job training programs


Our vocational training programs end the shame and powerlessness that many survivors experience, giving them the opportunity to learn a profession to support themselves independently. Women gain skills to find employment in respected professions, breaking the barriers in their families and society that once kept them vulnerable. 

Since 2010, we have offered goldsmithing and jewelry design training in 5 locations in India, Nepal and Thailand. Our jewelers are breaking gender barriers as some of South Asia’s first women goldsmiths, and earning wages comparable to a college graduate.    This year, we are launching new training programs in business, computers and retail, responding to the interests of the women we serve, and the rapidly evolving professional needs of modern India.


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