New Training Center in Nepal

We are excited to announce a new joint project at a shelter outside Kathmandu.  Together with our friends at partners at ChoraChori, we are about to open a new goldsmithing training center for survivors.  This training will enable survivors to break the cycle of exploitation and abuse and become economically independent – changing their lives forever.

Our very own Nancy Edwards will be traveling to Kathmandu this week  to begin the training.  We are excited to be partnering with ChoraChori on this new project.  This courageous team was instrumental in the eradication of circus slavery – an insidious and extremely destructive form of child trafficking which once destroyed the lives of many Nepali children.

Music Video Unites Women Artists for Healing & Change

Our new music video -‘A New Day’ – highlights the talents of women artists around the world.  This collaboration sets the photography of Sarah Annay (New York City) and the women of Her Future Coalition, (India) to the music of composer Joanna Forbes L’Estrange (London), It also features video footage by Aslyn Baringer (St. Augustine, Florida) and Peg Cafferty (New Jersey) and honors the legacy of healing through art of Frida Kahlo (Mexico).  

Joanna’s song ‘Twenty-first Century Woman‘ made history as the first song to be written, performed, produced and recorded by an all-woman team at Abbey Road Studios in London.   She has chosen Her Future as the official charity partner for the song.

HIV/AIDS in India's Red Light Areas

One survivor who inspired the founding of Her Future was Anita, who I met at a shelter in Nepal in 2004.  Anita had been trafficked from Nepal to India at age 12, soon after the death of her father.  A friend invited her to see a movie in a nearby town.  At the bus stop, a local woman gave the girls a Coke.  They woke up two days later in a brothel in Mumbai.  Anita was raped by 6 men for 3 days in a horrific ‘breaking in’ process.  She was enslaved for 4 years during which time she contracted HIV.  At that time, life-saving treatment was not available, so Anita eventually died of AIDS, but not before she became an activist inspiring hundreds of people, including me. 

Every morning, Anita would travel to the border of Nepal and India, where she worked alongside the police, stopping every car and looking for trafficking in progress.  She knew all the signs, and saved many lives before losing her own. 


Help Build Girl's Futures

When a girl is rescued from human trafficking, or has experienced severe gender violence, she needs time to heal, rebuild her shattered identity, catch up on lost years of education, and to rediscover hope and the capacity for joy. We are committed to walking beside survivors all along their journey to freedom and recovery. If a girl joins our program at a young age, or if she has a high level of trauma, that process can take years. In order to fulfill this commitment, we need a secure income for the charity, so we are looking for Monthly Donors to join our cause. By becoming a monthly donor, you are choosing to stand behind survivors as they come out of brutal situations and build beautiful futures.

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